What our neighbourhood management does

Good social interaction is also part of living in a young neighbourhood. However, stable neighbourhoods and successful communities do not develop on their own: they are created by encounters, exchange, and participation and rely on getting involved. 

As the Quartiersmanagement HafenCity (Neighbourhood Management Association), we want to contribute to this!

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Our association serves everyone in the district

Prioritizing the needs of HafenCity residents, tradespeople, institutions, initiatives, and organizations as a social hub and initiator is our duty. We coordinate, connect, and aim to facilitate, activate, inform, and administrate within the district. Our goal is to help people build stronger connections with others and enhance their overall happiness and well-being. We believe that fostering positive relationships is crucial for a fulfilling life and we work towards achieving that through our efforts. 


We build community through inclusive spaces

Discover our community houses

Joining us has a lot of benefits

HafenCity thrives on the diversity of the different groups that live, work, and operate within its bounds. By actively listening, learning, and collaborating on projects, we can harness the full potential of this diversity for the greater good. Join us and become a part of this thriving community.

Social Facilities & Initiatives
Culture & Education

Let’s make your property in HafenCity sustainable and attractive

As a community member, you represent your interests as an owner. The purpose of your cooperation is to ensure the sustainability of property value as well as the attractiveness of your district. The association strengthen HafenCity's attractiveness as a place to live, work and doing business.

Let’s shape your neighbourhood together

At Quartiersmanagement HafenCity e.V., you can exchange ideas with others, represent your interests as a tenant, and take action in your neighbourhood. Get involved in topics such as transport, infrastructure, family friendliness, or support others with issues that also concern you.

Let's work together to make HafenCity an even more liveable place

Advocate for greener and child-friendly spaces to create a welcoming neighbourhood for all ages. Our association promotes family-friendly leisure activities, social meeting places, safety, inclusion, and integration. Get involved to ensure all needs are met.

Let's shape HafenCity's culture and education together

Are you responsible for a cultural or educational institution in HafenCity? Become a member of the association and ensure that your interests are represented in the district. From universities, theatres, and language schools, to art galleries: benefit from increased visibility in the neighbourhood and help promote the cultural scene and educational landscape in HafenCity. 

Let’s strengthen HafenCity as an attractive business location

Whether you are a large corporation, a small business, or a family-run establishment, your voice should be heard.

Our association provides an opportunity to voice concerns and network with local tradespeople.

This is how active participation works

The aim is to develop HafenCity into a liveable district that benefits everyone. We aim to unite diverse interests and ideas, tackle challenges, and create a vibrant neighbourhood where everyone feels at home. 

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Get to know us

Learn more about our work by visiting our community centres or upcoming events.

Discover our community houses


Become a member

You can find information on membership fees, tasks, objectives, and contributions in the articles of association, membership fee regulations, and flyer. Download the membership application as a PDF or submit it online.

Info Flyer (PDF)

Become a Member

Articles of Association & Membership Fee Regulations (PDF)

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Contact us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Vibrant meeting places

The community houses in HafenCity embody an inclusive and neighbourly district where individuals come together to contribute their ideas.

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The community house in eastern HafenCity can be accessed from both Lola-Rogge-Platz Nord and nearby Gerda-Gmelin-Platz.

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The community house in western HafenCity is located directly on the playground area and is wheelchair accessible from the street Am Grasbrookpark.


We are the association Quartiersmanagement HafenCity

For a strong community. For a neighbourhood worth living in.

The Association

We are a registered association and operate independently.

Articles of Association & Membership Fee Regulations (PDF)


Our work is based on fundamental democratic principles, which prioritize party-political impartiality and inclusivity.


We are funded by annual contributions from the owners, which are secured by purchase agreements, and membership fees.


What does the Quartiersmanagement HafenCity do?

What specific tasks does the association have?

Does the association also take on sovereign tasks?

Which tasks does Quartiersmanagement HafenCity take on?

How can existing networks and initiatives participate in the neighbourhood management?

How do I become a member?

What conditions must be met to become a member of the association?

What is the association's relationship to existing district-related institutions, e.g. Netzwerk HafenCity e.V.?

What is a task force?

How many task forces can I join?

What is the planning committee?

How does the association handle inquiries or requests received from the public?

What is the relationship between the association and HafenCity Hamburg GmbH?

What is the membership fee?

When are payments to the association due?

If a condominium association (WEG) joins the association, does it have to pay the costs? Or are they collected from the owners?

When do the community houses open?

If a condominium association (WEG) joins the association, does it have to pay the costs? Or are they collected from the owners?

When do the community houses open?